Control plane with arrows or WASD

Do you like planes? Have you ever dreamed to be a pilot or are you looking for a plane simulator game for your Android device?

Welcome to "Planes vs Missiles", an amazing sky adventure and an addicting plane flight simulator. It's your chance to become a pilot and avoid all the missiles flying around.

Flying a plane, becoming a pilot and avoiding all dangerous missiles was not that easy before!

How to Play:

Our pilot adventure is pretty simple to play. Just control your plane with 2 buttons. Just remember to avoid collision with the missiles. That's all! Try to survive as long as possible and collect all the stars.


- Simple and addictive game-play

- Eye catchy plane and missiles graphics

- Awesome sounds and music track

- Shop with plane upgrades

- Different missiles type

Being a plane pilot and flying with the real plane is not for everyone but "Planes vs Missiles" certainly is. This arcade game is simple to play but hard to master. You'll need some good pilot skills to avoid collision with all the missiles while trying to collect stars. It's a must have game for you Android if you love aircraft or arcade games. Make sure to have some good practice before challenging your friends and family for high scores.

Ahh you are still reading all this and wasting your time? It's time to download our plane simulator. Be a pilot, avoid missiles. Have fun!

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